Every event calls for a different level of support, and Advantage AV has precisely the equipment to make the sights and sounds of your next meeting, conference, party or gathering a success. ¬†From bullhorns to multi-layer audio concert systems, or small meeting room screens to giant DLP digital projectors, as well as gear to support just about any other technical need – you’ve come to the right place.

We operate with the best interest of our customers in mind. We probably have the exact equipment you need for your event, but if not, we’ll find it or refer you to a trusted source that can help!

Equipment List

  • Event sounds systems of all sizes
  • Microphones
  • Audio boards and mixers
  • Audio cables and connectors
  • Projectors and screens of all sizes
  • Video monitors
  • Video cameras and tripods
  • Video recording equipment
  • DVD players and recorders
  • Event and stage lighting
  • LED uplighting
  • Photo backdrops, curtains and staging
  • Equipment for nearly any event need!



  • Naval Aviation Museum Event
    Naval Aviation Museum Event
  • ITEN Wired Event
    ITEN Wired Event
  • Pensacola Sports Association
    Pensacola Sports Association
  • Naval Aviation Museum Movie Premiere
    Naval Aviation Museum Movie Premiere
  • Olive Baptist Church VBS
    Olive Baptist Church VBS
  • Pensacola Beach Hilton Banquet
    Pensacola Beach Hilton Banquet
  • City of Champions Event
    City of Champions Event
  • Pensacola Bay Center Graduation Ceremony
    Pensacola Bay Center Graduation Ceremony